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Watercolor on rag paper. The Chrysler Building.

Framed: 14 1/2” X  17 1/2”.

About The Art

They say one picture is worth ten thousand words.  If I had to make a list of words to describe my painting I would start with urban landscape.  Add text overlay, color, concept, perspective, depth, acrylic canvas, paper, photo reference, city, geometry, texture, color and movement and you still could not visualize my work.

My drawings are my plans.  I use them to create abstract designs based on urban landscape.  The drawings are very figurative but the geometric shapes found in urban landscape lead me into abstraction.

I interpret the city’s rhythms and movements by combining shapes and color with oscillating word patterns.  By painting these webs of text over geometric shapes that suggest the city I produce conceptual paintings that inform and persuade the viewer in terms of their retinal color effects.  Text  transforms into bits of colored shapes that shake and hover over the picture plane.  Below is Empire Views in Red,  an acrylic on canvas painting, 52 1/2 inches by 44 1/2 inches.  The painting is framed.





2000 Governor’s Award

VCCA Artist Residency

Virginia, USA


LMCC Studio Scape Artist Residency, World Trade Center


Artist in Residence, New

York State Council for the Arts


56th Miami International Orchid Show Photography Exhibition The Thomson Photo Imaging  Prize


Purchase Award , The Davidson National Print & Drawing Competition,

Davidson College,  NC


Pollock-Krasner Foundation, INC.